"Making the Business Aspect of Medicine Easy" - Dr. Thomas

About Medical Integrated Billing Services

MIBS has a combined billing staff experience of over 70 years in almost every medical specialty. With multiple Certified Physician Coders on staff over seeing daily operations we are able to assist our practices in being compliant as well as seeking the full reimbursements from insurance carriers.

Only with our experience, we have seamlessly transitioned to ICD-10 and stayed current to the always changing climate of health care policies. With updated education in governmental agencies and commercial carriers billing and protocols we stay informative so our practices can succeed.

We are proud that our business was founded and continuing to grow on referrals and recommendations from physicians' to their colleagues since June 2000.

Please feel free to contact MIBS at the following number 516-616-4982 or email at info@mymibs.com

MIBS Testimonials

  • "It is my pleasure to recommend Medical Integrated Billing Service, Inc. I have utilized their services for the past two years. Their performance as a medical billing company for my practice has proven to be extremley valuable"
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    Alan Mensch, M.D.
  • “I have had every form of in house billing at one time or another. I can now truly say that outsourcing the billing to MIBS is the only way to go, and I would encourage all of my colleagues to try your company first”
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    Bryan C. Markinson, DPM
  • “I have been utilizing Medical Integrated Billing Services and I have nothing but positive feedback to provide. The staff at MIBS is highly professional, competent and efficient. I am pleased with the open communications process between MIBS and my practice. I would not hesitate to recommend Medical Integrated Billing Services to another physician. Thank you for your wonderful service and keep up the great work!”
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    David L. Foster, M.D., P.C.
  • “MIBS has been providing outside billing services to a number of my clients for the past several years I am more than pleased to recommend them to anyone who may be interested in securing a reliable and efficient billing service that consistently operate in an attentive and professional manner”
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